Project Common Ground

Bridging gaps within our community
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feather flock

It is human tendency for people with similar interests to hang out together. Therefore, it is not surprising that we do not naturally seek friendship beyond our own community unless opportunity presents itself for us to do so. 

What is Project Common Ground?

Project Common Ground is a peace building programme designed to provide members from different communities a platform to communicate, create and collaborate.  The project aims to bridge the gap and remove prejudices between these communities by providing them opportunities to explore their commonalities through fun and meaningful activities.  

Project Common Ground 2019/2020

Our Common Ground

The Malaysians

These Malaysians are a curious bunch of  15 and 16 years old youths who started off with many questions about the refugee community. They are students from local international school and are film-making enthusiasts.

The Refugees

Aged between 15 to 18 years, these refugees are individuals who came from Myanmar, Somalia and Afghanistan. They are resilient youths who came to Malaysia alone and are separated from their parents or caregivers because of unavoidable circumstances in their countries. When opportunity arises, these youths are always open to meet new people and learning new things.